June 17, 2018

Tej Nookala – The shy boy from Tirupati who broke the internet

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Meet Tejeswar Nookala aka sabse Tej aka Macha aka photo director at Reels and Frames. Tej and I first connected over facebook years ago. Like two train tracks, the journeys of Reels and Frames and of Tej shared parallels for a while and then seamlessly merged. Nervous beginnings, a bit of soul searching and a heck load of experimentation….that is how it all began. I vividly remember his first shoot with Reels and Frames in Hyderabad where this shy boy from Tirupati had trouble speaking to a group for people for a portrait. Contrast that to him recently directing Sonam for a photo that went onto breaking the internet and its clear, Tej’s has grown with Reels and Frames and vice-versa.

Here is the story of Tej … obviously, through his pictures 🙂


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